Contradictory cravings/feelings are extremely frustrating. 
Like when you’re extremely hungry but actually really don’t want to eat anything.
Or when you desperately want to read something, but your brain feels so raw you don’t really want to read anything.

What really sucks about being a woman is the fact that no matter how much control you might have most of the time, once a month a time will come when all the bad things in you, and especially in your head, will get all amplified by hundreds and brought out to the very surface. Because fluff you, hormones.
And my liver said ‘fluff no’ to pills, so I’m riding it out on calming teas, even if just for a placebo effect.
And music in my earphones too loud to hear anything else in my head.

Every woman sometimes really needs someone to take the weight off her shoulders…


…ya know, like, a designated boob holder … upholder? …uplifter? …carrier?