Gimme my eggnog latte you greedy people…

Among all of the ‘seasonal hot beverage flavors’, I still liked the Eggnoog Latte I used to buy in Oxford Starbucks before morning classes on chilly late-autumn and winter mornings the most…

So why can’t I find it or anything similar in any of the coffee shops on this part of the world, is beyond me 😦

Well they still have all the same pumpkin/gingerbread stuff, why not Eggnog?

I saw a weird dream… about me going to an international summer school in England, like the one I used to go, … and trying to explain to them (they usually take only 10-14yo foreign kids) what I was doing there if I’ve already graduated with first-class honours from a UK university. :expressionless:

I think it was me wanting to spend few months just ‘learning languages, going cross-country horse riding 4 days a week and going on excursions around UK the other 3.”
Talk about the stuff kids can have that you could enjoy (and need) so much more when you’re an adult…

Tokyo in December is embedded so strongly and deeply in my memory, I can feel it all on my skin and in my lungs by just thinking about it.

Like Oxford in October.

Or Prague in April.