My dream living place would probably look something like this. Big woolfy dog included.

I start to really hate white walls. 
But that’s what vast majority of rented apartments have.

Also, a cold place with minimum insects, please. 
And no tall buildings blocking your sky and looking into your windows.

I can dream.
Dreaming makes me cry these days, but I can dream.

Did you know that in Japan all hardcover books (and some of the bigger/thicker paper cover ones) come with their own attached thread bookmarks? I wonder why is it not a world-wide practice.

I do honestly recommend to take a look at Hellblade. (if you can handle disturbing images) 
If you prefer/can – play it and support the developers. (it’s neither expensive nor long)
Or be like me and watch it like a movie. (not that I don’t want to support the developers, I just can’t really handle playing on my own right now) 
I personally watched it on Mr.Odd’s channel. (but if you prefer a playthrough without any commentary, I’m sure there’s tone of those too.)

But do take a look if you can, because in terms of story-telling and visuals, it’s a damn masterpiece.

Started reading medieval history books and now I want to have a book on every person (ok, every monarch, I can be reasonable) I’m interested in and can’t believe they don’t exist.
If I can have a great book on Edward I, why can’t I have a similarly detailed on his failure of a son (Edward II) or the French king if the same age (Philip IV the Fair (a.k.a. the Iron King)? 
Once you read 400 pages of witty and clever tale in tiny font, encyclopaedia articles just don’t do it anymore… 

I do not really like staged photography. 
I like capturing one real chance moment. 
Because I believe it tells a better story. 

a grain of wisdom from a commuter’s bag on Tokyo morning train:
(it likely has an author, but the bag didn’t disclose)

“Not everything that you face can be changed. But nothing can be changed until you face it.”