My first reaction to having a breakdown in public is to pretend that I’m not having a breakdown and buy a hamburger take-out. Though usually cheeseburger. With pickles if I can help it.

Though since I can’t really eat lately, this time the hamburger is spending the night in the fridge. Crisscut fries and all.

Thinking about how many meals it will take me to eat it and will it survive long enough to be still edible when I can get to it is better than thinking about the fact that I have no support system at all and my breakdowns are getting worse.

I wonder why… with all the amazing kinds food out there… (especially in this country, where national obsession with food is the main topic on tv all day every day)…
… why is it, that nothing really can win in a long run to fresh bread with olive oil and salt.

(or garlic bread topped with some good grated cheese – like gouda)

Sometimes Asians are such… Asians.

Just saw someone complain on 9gag that he started dating a nice Asian girl, but she cooks rice every day and eats it with everything, and while reading it I scoffed and thought t: Why do you need to make up these stereotypical jokes? What’s so fun about that?

… and then I switched channels on my japanese tv, and saw them introducing all kinds of delicious foods (again), among which there was this deliciously looking mashed potatos, topped with a minced meat souse… and just as I was thinking how nice it looks …
… they went ahead and put it on top of rice.
…mashed potato on top of rice?

I’m still not over people putting soba inside of bread, or eating ramen with rice… but how the hell these people can keep eating white rice with everything and put carbs on carbs and stay so thin and tiny is beyond me.
It’s unfair is what it is.