The glamour of working in gaming company:
Most mornings elevators smell like developers who didn’t go home for 3 days.
Or like excessive amount of whatever spray was used to hide that fact.
Depending on the department, you will find the most asexual workplace you’ve ever seen.
Others don’t come far behind though.
80% of people talk to themselves. Some in rather lengthy monologues.

I hear they also have to throw out a ton of sweets and present people send to fictional characters on the Valentines day and Birthdays and stuff.



Sometimes I can’t believe what a terrible job people do editing gaming magazines. There’s so many typos and mistakes, I can’t believe they waste the paper…



This one is just plain insulting though. (Because no matter how famous the Witcher games are, it’s always going to be one of the best fantasy book series first.)

If I could draw funny pictures, I’d try to draw Uruguayan version of the witcher here.