Enchanted by Elizabeth Lowell

Enchanted (Medieval, #3)

Enchanted by Elizabeth Lowell

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Confusing writing. Annoying characters. Triggery content. Story elements that make very little sense.
Featuring a woman who was raped and betrayed by everyone, than married and misunderstood by her new husband about her past in various ways for the duration of the whole book; super convenient magic dress; weird healing coma and weird woman who instructed the husband to rub medicine onto the whole body of an unconscious above-mentioned woman 3 times a day practically forcing him to rape her again; proud whores and assholes.
On top of it all, disturbingly weak writing (the first battle left me grimacing at the ways details were presented and skipping through the text to get it over with) with So. Much. Head-hopping.
Sometimes it felt like POV would change before 1 sentence even ended. How is this okay (enough to be published)?

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