The Demon’s Possession by Kiersten Fay

The Demon's Possession (Shadow Quest, #1)

The Demon’s Possession by Kiersten Fay
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

This book is a weird mix of some okay-ish sci-fi plot ideas, fiction written by a grade school-er, and adult (sexual) content.

At the beginning, I actually though it started with a decent idea and world setting. Characters seemed interesting, some details seemed promising…
But then, unfortunately, without much of a warning, the story turned into a high-school drama. Almost as if the author had simply forgotten what book she was writing.
Suddenly, the big, scary, hundreds-of-years-old-demon-aliens became ‘boys’ and ‘guys’, and the main character, who supposedly spent last 200 years in slavery and torture (and also was supposed to have some super abilities), works as a waitress, goes clubbing, gets interested in high-heeled shoes and mini skirts (yes, we are still talking space ship on a mission),…
Any sense that might have been there in the beginning of this book went down the drain and took writing quality with it.
It is really quite abysmal in places.
Grammar-less sentences aside, by the time I reached the scene where the ‘demon alien ship captain’ (!) was wearing swimming shorts (!) in a swimming pool (!) (on his merchant ship) to give the main character (who also wears a bikini, of course) private swimming lessons, I was ready to brain myself on the nearest hard surface.
(insert a ‘facedesk’ GIF here)

Then, of course, the ‘destined mates’. Where would we be without these 2 words in a romance book?
And the increasingly disappointing ‘reveal’ of the main character’s true identity (because that’s who you have to be, to be fantasy romance heroine).
Also, everyone must want you.

By the time we finally run out of all the ‘silly girly romance cliches’ that hardly fit with the world and character settings, we seemed to remember that there was supposed to be some plot in here too… but then it didn’t really improve the situation.
Hardly anything in characters’ behaviour reflects presented settings (being alive for 500 years, or being tortured for 200 years, or running a crew on a merchant ship in space …)

I believe this may say all you need to know to understand what to expect from this book:

‘Five hundred years old demons and space elvesFaieara have a surprise birthday party and go club-dancing (on a merchant space ship). ‘

Also, demons who speak “Demonish” language. Sorry, sounds like something a 10yo would write.

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