that’s a good feeling.
When Scientist prove and say what I was saying all my life.

1) people are not supposed to function in temperature above 25C
2) in summer it is much healthier to live with your air condition on through all at all times. And you are not supposed to turn it off at night.
3) people turn stupid when temperature is above 30C and it is a fact.
4) hot baths and sauna and stuff like that don’t get you relaxed and ‘take your tiredness away’. They just make you more tired and make you sleep.
(Feeling tired and being tired are very different things)

Sweating while you sleep/sit means your body gets just as tired as ti gets sweating when you run and work out.

All those people who try to make you set temperature at 28C minimum because they think it is right or turn off your air conditioning at night can go f*ck themselves to hell. Cuz that’s how people die from heatstroke.