while I was blank-ing in front of the tv with a book…
there was a some kind of new ‘dating program’… which was about some famous people, choosing their ‘favorite type of face’ from a big catalog-like list of people of opposite sex who applied, than choosing the favorite hair style for them, dressing them up in favorite kind of clothes… and then meeting with them in the studio, and exchanging contact information if they liked each other… Probably. I’m not sure what’s it all about.

The reason why it made me put down my book for a while, is that, listening to people talk about what kind of face they like, what kind of eyes, what kind of hair style, clothes… in details, non-stop, I was automatically trying to imagine what I would do in their place, … and couldn’t.
I don’t think I ever had a desire to dress someone up like a doll for my own liking. Yes there styles that I find more attractive than others, but… Whenever I try to imagine, I get this… “draw back” feeling… that I can’t like someone I had to make, or something.
After 30 minutes of spacing out into the television trying to sort out my feelings about what I was seeing, I dropped the topic on the though that probably ‘being themselves and knowing who they are’, in other words originality, integrity… and how do you call it? completeness of the individuality? is a very important factor for me in liking someone… I guess I want to like someone for only who they are, not for what I, or someone else, made them into…

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