sometimes all your survival instincts tell you it’s time to send SOS
but then, sometime there’s just no place to send it.

Because, again, you have your survival instincts and numerous experiences to know, that there’s probably nothing worse then sending SOS into the air and having it attract vultures and not help that you need.
No matter how much you want to believe in good and miracles,
if you are in the place when you can’t fend off any more vultures or don’t even have stability enough to ignore them,
you can’t really ‘believe in better and risk it’ anymore.
Not anymore.

Also, because, what was meant as an SOS call for one, often gets completely misunderstood by others who heard it by chance as well, even if they had no intentions of being vultures in their life, they can become it for someone just by not understanding and acting on what is a ‘normal way’ for them.

Plus most people never bother trying to see things from everyone’s perspective, and then again, most of those who did bother at some time, stop because they realise no one ever bothers to see things from their perspective.

Because it is a very difficult thing to speak to someone actually speaking to that person, and not to some circumstances of your life represented by them.