I miss good anime.
You know, the one where people actually put their blood and love into hand-drawing every frame, without using the lousy 3D,
and fussed about every little detail in those frames, the colouring, the lighting and the soundtrack,
and cared about style, coolness, and about making a new ‘social phenomenon’…

I used to like it, but now if I watch any anime at all, I mostly only re-watch something old that I used to like a lot many years before…

Also, seeing people cry blood tears of disappointment and frustrated disbelief about the American re-make of Death Note (what else did they expect though?) I remembered the joy of watching Death Note anime for the first time in my life (and buying even the soundtrack) and realised I kind of miss it. That joy.

(I hope they didn’t import Eva on Netflix because they are planning to make an US-made live action for it… )

they’re showing Speed on tv and I find myself staring at it and trying to remember how it felt to watch for the very first time it in 1994