This band should be 1000 times more recognised and appreciated than it probably is.

They speak right to the soul, sometimes a bit too much, and I don’t think I’ve met any other English-speaking band do it like they do.



I was running through crowds and fighting some people in funny hats with a sabre that didn’t feel entirely real in my hand… in my dream tonight.
And my brother (who was fighting with some sort of naginata) decided to get married in the middle of all that. And I was the only one on his side of the family (hiding my sabre behind my back), and the mother of the bride cried when she thanked me for coming.
And then the enemies came, I shouted ‘Battle formation!’ and woke up.
… and I don’t even have a brother.

what I really dislike, is when I go to a live and people next to me start to take more of my attention than the people on the stage

one time there was a girl (woman?)
Who started the evening by taking off her pink very high-hilled pumps. And standing barefoot on the cold, dirty floor (it’s winter, people around were wearing boots) of the live house. Which was enough of wtf on itself. But next she started to make noises of birthing lioness right next to me. Which is very hard to stay indifferent to. Later she also used her hair to switch everyone around and sweep the floor while at it. (She probably should’ve swept first, and then taken her shoes off)
It’s not even really annoying, more funny if anything, but it just gets in the way of focusing on what I went there to focus on…

I went to my first concert when I was about 6 years old, I think.
There was an adult pop singer (male) I liked at that time, and my parents decided to take me (almost had to run away from it, because at the very first song they used some fireworks that set the curtain in the concert hall on fire (the times!), but they put it out fairly quickly and went on with the concert),

parents also wanted to take me to a rock-ish band concert somewhere around that time, but when they went themselves and saw that half of the band was drunk and the other clearly on drugs (the times! again), they decided better not.

anyway, that’s not what I was trying to say

I was trying to say,
that I went  to my first concert when I was 6, and there were times when I would go to another country just to go to a concert, or go to a 2-3 concerts a week,

and that no matter how much I love live music and what it does for me,
I still am completely unable to comprehend what is it that other human beings have in them that makes them want to raise their hands, shout and scream and jump (and I’m not even talking about all the other violent things some people do at rock concerts) and squeal people’s names and so on.

Every single time I go to a live, a either try not to look at the audience at all, all stare at it in shock, because it makes me feel majorly alienated, for being unable to comprehend people’s behavior.

I do realise that if everyone was like me, it would be a very boring audience
but still, it’s not like I’m the one who has to perform out there