Still can’t forget.

That one day about two years ago, when I, 15 minutes before the end of a long workday, came up to the manager and asked him if there “were any instructions from the CIA” with a very straight face.

Complete, with the whole “manager sitting down with a squeak and people turning heads towards us in the dead silence” scene.

It took me about 2 years working in gaming company to finally stop pronouncing SCEA (SIE) as CIA in Japanese.

a whole full classroom of aspiring flight attendants practicing their perfect smiles by saying “Whiskey” loudly over and over

am I the only one who finds this so utterly hilarious

I especially liked the stupid ways in which people manage to die.
Like drowning in ankle-deep water or by trying to wash hands in a well.

‘Like’ is the wrong word. But you get what I mean.

How my own idiocy turns around to save me:

Me: stuffing big hardcover book into my smaller bag (I really didn’t want to carry a bigger bag), being surprised that it actually fits, not realising that it only fits because my wallet is not there.
Me: hour later on the train, finally realising why the book was able to fit. Realising that no wallet means no coffee money and no lunch money. Trying to think if 900 yen ($9) I probably have on my train card will be enough to by something… somewhere.
Me: 5 mins later, sticking my hand in my pocket and finding my credit card, which I forgot there when I went out to convenience store 3 days ago.

I usually never carry cards in my pockets.
And now my one slip-up saves me from my another slip-up.


Sometimes I can’t believe what a terrible job people do editing gaming magazines. There’s so many typos and mistakes, I can’t believe they waste the paper…



This one is just plain insulting though. (Because no matter how famous the Witcher games are, it’s always going to be one of the best fantasy book series first.)

If I could draw funny pictures, I’d try to draw Uruguayan version of the witcher here.


When I try to sound serious and say something like “Peal kickle”
Peal kickle. In brutal ways.

And write Suncho instead of Synchro
Suncho mode
Suncho area
Suncho attack

  • Your lever be lest alone (Your lover will be left alone.)
  • This is not bat too. (This is not too bad.)
  • Toy will be a fitting enemy. (You will be a fitting enemy.)

When I’m onĀ  roll.