Hi. Hello.
This is a small introduction/disclaimer.

Most of ‘how to be a successful blogger’ writing out there will tell you to choose your topic, style, direction, and stick to them. To be consistent and regular. Have a format. Be something people will know what they are seeing after taking a small look and will have an idea of what they’ll be getting if they subscribe.

I’m not doing this to be a ‘successful blogger’. I’m doing this because I need a place to be about all things that I am. I can’t stand behind an idea of separating all different parts of ‘me’ into different blogs or platforms for coherency purposes, or because people can’t like me if I don’t do this by some set of rules.

Things that can be found here, will include, but won’t be limited to, very subjective book reviews (that feature my general opinion but not much of plot description), photography (mostly film, often expired), snippets on writing and complains about the lack of thereof, oversharing on the topic of living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (Asperger’s) before and after getting diagnosed late into your life, on working in game publishing, editing, and translation, and some personal whinings that I was supposed to (told by my therapist) write down in my therapy journal, but for some reason decided that putting it out here is easier.

Let’s be honest. Will I consider changing and adapting to conform with some rules of social media to attract people and get them to like me? No. Do I still hope that some people will find this and like me despite how I do it and what I am? Yes, I do. This is my virtual corner of the world, and call it childish and naive, but we all hope and survive as we can.

Therefore, please feel free to leave feedback or comment if you’d like, but please also refrain from following me if you only do so because you expect an unconditional follow-back or want to use it in some way to promote your site. I deeply despise all things fake, ungenuine, and manipulative.

That’s all. All the best and I hope you’ll have a nice day.