Тот, кого считают сильным,
Знает: сильных не жалеют.
Дескать, жалость унижает,
Дескать, жалость ни к чему.
Сильному наградой – сила,
И осенние аллеи,
И еще… А в прочем, хватит.
Слишком много одному.
Те, кому наградой – сила,
По привычке зубы сжали,
По привычке смотрят прямо
На любой пристрастный суд.
Слабым – вдвое тяжелее –
Им нести чужую жалость,
И еще… А впрочем, хватит.
Слабые не донесут.
(с) Г.Л.Олди

On flirting:
“It brings out in me the most profound feelings of anxiety and exasperation. I was not raised to subtlety.
Why do people have to make such fuss about something so simple?
I say, “Talk to me. Tell me who you are, what you want, what you’ve never had, the story you’ve always been afraid to tell.””

“Two or Three Things I Know for Sure” by Dorothy Allison

“Two or three things I know for sure, and one of them is that no one is as hard as my uncles had to pretend to be.”


” …compulsive mobility of 20th century life as a measure of social and moral instability. Freedom of movement is interpreted as the curse of movement — an inability to remain still, to come to rest, to be anchored.”

“… For this is the great secret, which was known to all educated men in our day: that by what men think, we create the world around us, daily new.

And now the priests, thinking that this infringed upon the power of their God, who created the world once and for all to be unchanging, have closed those doors (which were never doors, except in the minds of men),…”

Marion Zimmer Bradley “The Mists Of Avalon”


Kawabata Yasunari takes words out of my mouth:
“My head hasn’t been very clear these last few days. I suppose that’s why sunflowers made me think of heads. I wish mine was as clear as they are. I was thinking on the train – if only only there were some way to get your head cleaned and refinished. Just chop it off – well, maybe that would be a little violent. Just detach it and hand it over to some university hospital as if you were handing over a bundle of laundry. ‘Do this up for me, please’ you’d say. And the rest of you would be quietly asleep for three or four days or week while the hospital was busy cleaning your head and getting rid of the garbage. No tossing and no dreaming.”

The Sound of the Mountain