Kawabata Yasunari takes words out of my mouth:
“My head hasn’t been very clear these last few days. I suppose that’s why sunflowers made me think of heads. I wish mine was as clear as they are. I was thinking on the train – if only only there were some way to get your head cleaned and refinished. Just chop it off – well, maybe that would be a little violent. Just detach it and hand it over to some university hospital as if you were handing over a bundle of laundry. ‘Do this up for me, please’ you’d say. And the rest of you would be quietly asleep for three or four days or week while the hospital was busy cleaning your head and getting rid of the garbage. No tossing and no dreaming.”

The Sound of the Mountain


私は練乳を使ったケーキを焼き 母がキノコのビーフストロガノフを作り 夜にビールと なぜか第1話から『Friends』を観て 色々と 男女関係についてとか考え 「今すぐ孫を作りなさい」とか言われ 本を読み 窓の外の雨を眺める…

すごく 美しいモノを見ると 自分が醜く感じる だが だからと言って 自分の為に美しいモノと拒む のではなく 自分の痛みを無視するのが得意ですから 自分が醜い、と感じていても あの人を愛す