everyone has their own problems with ID photos
mine is that my eyes always look like I’m too old for this shit, too tired for this shit, and frankly couldn’t care less about this shit.

Which doesn’t help when it’s supposed to go on your CV and need to be looking young and ambitious.

Had to re-take it 8 times, until there was at least one where I still looked bored, but at least not like I just killed someone. Or am going too. And don’t feel much on the topic.

Photos don’t lie, I really am too old and too tired for this shit. Always was.

What do you do when the two people inside you, suddenly want to start living two completely different lives?

On top of everything, lives on different sides of a planet.

what I really dislike, is when I go to a live and people next to me start to take more of my attention than the people on the stage

one time there was a girl (woman?)
Who started the evening by taking off her pink very high-hilled pumps. And standing barefoot on the cold, dirty floor (it’s winter, people around were wearing boots) of the live house. Which was enough of wtf on itself. But next she started to make noises of birthing lioness right next to me. Which is very hard to stay indifferent to. Later she also used her hair to switch everyone around and sweep the floor while at it. (She probably should’ve swept first, and then taken her shoes off)
It’s not even really annoying, more funny if anything, but it just gets in the way of focusing on what I went there to focus on…

when you realize that in this world in too many instances being right automatically means being the minority

in fact I’m having a hard time remembering when it does not

exaggerated contrast between good and bad, some strength, some bravery, some love, some steel, and horses, and some beautiful free lands, preferably with some snow, is what I need to return my peace of mind
and balance
and writing