On flirting:
“It brings out in me the most profound feelings of anxiety and exasperation. I was not raised to subtlety.
Why do people have to make such fuss about something so simple?
I say, “Talk to me. Tell me who you are, what you want, what you’ve never had, the story you’ve always been afraid to tell.””

“Two or Three Things I Know for Sure” by Dorothy Allison

“Two or three things I know for sure, and one of them is that no one is as hard as my uncles had to pretend to be.”


血を吐きそうなぐらい淋しくても 誰でも良いから、ということにはならない だが、時間と場所、次々と流れて、去って行く…のが悲しい。どうしようもなく

” …compulsive mobility of 20th century life as a measure of social and moral instability. Freedom of movement is interpreted as the curse of movement — an inability to remain still, to come to rest, to be anchored.”